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Thread: Brown: Mein a more dangerous fight than Hardy

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    Default Brown: Mein a more dangerous fight than Hardy

    Brown: Mein a more dangerous fight than Hardy - Mixed Martial Arts News

    Matt Brown is currently riding a four bout win streak and was scheduled to face his stiffest test in former title contender Dan Hardy at this weekend's UFC on FOX 7. However due to medical circumstances, Hardy was unable to compete and in stepped former Strikeforce fighter Jordan Mein. Mein made an impressive octagon debut last month, stopping veteran Dan Miller in the first round.

    Although Mein does not have the name recognition of a Dan Hardy, Matt Brown knows the fighter is dangerous, maybe even moreso than his previously scheduled opponent:

    "I see him as more dangerous than Dan Hardy in the sense that for one he's more unpredictable. I don't know as much about him," Brown stated. "I can get probably 15 or 20 fights on Dan Hardy right now if I wanted them. With Jordan Mein I'm looking at maybe three or four fights. Like I said earlier Jordan, he's an up and comer whereas Dan Hardy's talking about retirement.

    "You've got a guy that's ultra hungry and probably trying to make a run for the title. Where Dan Hardy has probably accepted that he's not going to be in the title picture and he's moved on in his career. So, those are two completely different mentalities that you're dealing with. It's not taking anything away from Dan Hardy, it's just a different mentality."
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    Noone factoring in that Mein is not getting a full training camp in against a wily veteran?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sniggles View Post
    Noone factoring in that Mein is not getting a full training camp in against a wily veteran?
    I'm sure he's factored that in, but he makes a valid point. Going up against Hardy with a full training camp Brown knows exactly what to expect and train for against Hardy. At no point is Hardy going to shoot for a takedown and try to sub Brown.

    I think Brown is a bad matchup for Hardy. I could actually see Brown getting the better of the standup against Hardy. I wouldn't put money on it, but it wouldn't surprise me at all. And if Brown was having trouble with Hardy's striking he could take it to the ground.
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    Brown would've owned hardy on the feet. Hell he owned swick on the feet. Mein is waaaay tougher short notice or not. Still brown is always going to be a tough as nails gatekeeper and losing this fight he would only be 4-1 in his last five. I'm ok with whatever the outcome, but I will always cheer for my boy.

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    Definitely the more dangerous fight here.

    Mein is a complete fighter, whereas for Hardy, Brown really just has to worry about the power strikes. But now, Brown has to worry about the whole game, not just about the standup exchanges, but submissions(which he's been caught ALOT in) that he wouldn't have had to worry about against Hardy.

    I see the argument against Mein being the tougher challenge since he's taking the fight without a full camp, but he's young as hell and is coming off only a month's layoff, so his training should be relatively optimized to fight on short notice to a large degree, the turn around is pretty quick and I think it doesn't hurt him by much, if at all.

    Brown is cagey and could've dragged Hardy into an ugly dogfight, but Mein fights smart, long and can match Brown's pace. This is a close fight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cat--Smasher View Post
    Brown: Mein a more dangerous fight than Hardy - Mixed Martial Arts News"I can get probably 15 or 20 fights on Dan Hardy right now if I wanted them. With Jordan Mein I'm looking at maybe three or four fights.
    What does this mean?

    Anyway I agree with Brown, I don't like Mein, there's something about him but he is a wonderful fighter with a bright future.
    Short notice for Mein yes, short notice for Brown as well who will have to change most, if not all, of his training to prepare for a far better opponent. Also kudos to Mein for stepping up on short notice to fight someone like Brown who has some vicious tko's to his name (see Drago).

    Interestingly enough he has lost to Lytle twice by sub, 9/11 of his losses are by sub.
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    agree that mein is a more dangerous fight. Like fedorlei said, its only a bout a month since meins last fight so his training and conditioning should still be pretty much where they should be, Jordan is a more complete fighter and I believe he has a higher fight iq than hardy, which will also make him a more dangerous opponent for brown

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