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    The Sunday Morning Rumor Mill

    What's this? A Sunday Morning Rumor Mill on Sunday evening? Egh, with a strong enough flux capacitor, it's still Sunday morning in some time zone. The first SMRM of 2013. We wish we can say that these things will be a weekly feature from this moment on, but it really depends on the response we get from this feature. If you want us to continue to deliver the SMRM every week in 2013, just let us know in the comment section. Once again, these are all rumors that have been disclosed by reliable sources within the MMA industry. Nothing is being reported. Enjoy.

    Fallon Fox showed up to the last Invicta FC event and managed to get inside the area designated for fighters. She acted aggressive towards some of the fighters, so an Invicta FC exec asked her to leave but she refused.

    Allegedly Fox claimed she had an AXS TV crew with her (which was false) and from what I've been told she wanted to get a confrontation with a fighter on camera to set up a future fight in Invicta.

    Apparently Bec Hyatt had a run-in with Fallon Fox at Invicta FC 5

    Shannon Knapp, the CEO of Invicta FC, wasn't told about this incident during the event for fear that she may 'flip.'

    Someone involved with the UFC plans to 'come out' at some point this year.

    Pretty vague, I know, but we have some strong sources indicating this.

    Ricardo Arona plans to make his MMA return in an upcoming Road FC card.

    Something big is coming out of Japan once again. I'm not really clear on the details, but it appears that it will mix the sport of UFC with the sensation of 'drama.' That's literally all I have on this.

    It's not really a rumor at this point, but the judge that scored the fight for Gilbert Melendez owns an affiliate Cesar Gracie gym.

    It appears John 'Doomsday' Howard will rejoin the UFC to take part in the upcoming card held in Boston.

    Bobby Lashley and Josh Barnett may be close to signing with Bellator. Don't be surprised if the contract is combined in someway with Impact Wrestling.
    Some juicy shit here--all rumors of course. Fallon Fox cooking up beef at the recent Invicta event? A UFC fighter coming out?? Barnett to Bellator??? Ricardo Arona's still alive????

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    It's about that time of year for the "Ricardo Arona is going to fight soon" lol, that's kind of the standard-bearer for MMA rumours.

    IMO, Barnett would be doing himself a disservice if he spent the remainder of his prime in BFC if the UFC is giving him a reasonable offer. Barnett tearing through HW scrubs in BFC would be just like what happened between the death of PRIDE and his SF fights. It would be a shame to not see him against Werdum or Mir, but he's more about the money and Viacom will throw that at him.

    Also, I've heard a good deal out of Lashley which would suggest that he considers himself a "pro wrestler who fights" as he says in his shoot interview and that he'd prefer to do it over MMA, but I believe there's alot of ill-will over the way he left WWE(basically, they were pushing him to the moon and he flaked) and some of the racial overtones emanating from some of the backstage agents left a poor taste in his mouth. I could definitely see Lashley getting a push in TNA with the synergy and publicity from it and BFC on SPIKE. Barnett is nowhere seasoned enough to make it in North American pro wrestling, so I don't see that happening at all.

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