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Or its because the Gil vs Bendo fight was already scheduled and Pettis (who just had a 11 month lay off between Lauzon and Cerrone) wanted to get back in their ASAP. Now he fights August 3rd rather than November or December like he would have had to if he didnt take this fight and waited for the 155 winner.

He is not "scared" of Bendo like Donosaur is trying to make it seem. Especially after Bendo has arguably lost 2 of his last 3 fights (edgar 2 and Gil in many peoples eyes). Bendo looks more beatable then ever before if you ask me.
Here's my thing: If you say you're still the best at 155, but dropped down rather than stick it out and wait for your time to prove it, than you're full of shit, regardless of whether you'd win or lose. I don't like him saying it now that he's not currently in the running for the shot, it just comes off as an empty, weak gesture IMO. If you're the best at 155, you should've stayed there.

It is awfully easy for Pettis to say this now, watching the LW title fight on TV and judging for himself, it would have a whole lot more weight and validity if he stayed at 155 and was in line for the next shot. I'd be totally fine with him saying he was the best at 155 while AT 155, but since he's dropped down...I don't care for it.