I wonder where he's going to train now..

Mauricio Rua cuts ties with André Dida, Cezer Ferreira joins Blackzilians - Bloody Elbow

Longtime Chute Boxe trainer to Mauricio "Shogun" Rua, André "Dida" Amando, has revealed to Tatame that he and the fighter have cut ties prior to his upcoming bout with Antonio Rogerio Nogueira. Dida is a well known Muay Thai fighter, who has been working with the younger Rua since the brothers famously split camps back in 2009. The move was somewhat criticized at the time, as it came with a noticeable drop in Mauricio's performances.
Shogun has since been incredibly uneven, flitting between well manicured technique and open brawling, with constant cardio problems interspersed. This isn't the first camp change for Mauricio since the split either, he's had an off again on again relationship with Rafael Cordeiro and the Chute Boxe gym, often leaving to train for fights in his own facilities. This may signal a move for the better, as he was notably unimpressive in his fight against Alexander Gustafsson. More likely, however, this is another poorly planned camp upheaval in the hopes of gaining skills that injury and age have diminished.