Ive watched many of the interviews lately between Jones and Sonnen. Sonnen singing Jones praises, stating he could take both Ali & Tyson in the same day, that he is the best in the sport. Jones stating he wants Ortiz record then he is looking for superfights and possibly a move to heavyweight. All the experts have Jones running away with a victory, but behind the scenes, dare I say this is the most pressure Jones has put on himself. My question to you, what happens to the future of MMA and the light heavyweight landscape if Sonnen pulls off the upset and beats Jones?

I used to think it would be great for the sport. Now Ive changed my tune. I think it would be awful. Now more than ever, Dana & Co. would think that the best selling fight would be the way to go over the guy that might actually deserve it. Now MMA would be more of a circus than ever.