Jon Jones: 'People like Matt Mitrione are scumbags' - Bloody Elbow

Jon Jones spoke to the media earlier today ahead of Saturday night's UFC light heavyweight title defense against Chael Sonnen. While Jones spoke plenty about Sonnen -- including once again saying that Chael is not making $10,000,000 for the fight -- his most interesting comments may have been about Matt Mitrione.

Mitrione was given a token "suspension" by the UFC after calling transgender fighter Fallon Fox "sick" and a "disgusting freak" in a recent tirade on The MMA Hour. That suspension appears to have already been lifted as Mitrione has been booked for the UFC's next show on Fox.

Jones had the following to say about Mitrione (via MMA Junkie):

"I think he's terrible for that," Jones said. "It's ridiculous. I think Fallon Fox, that's a strong person. Despite what the person has been through in their life, that's a strong person. I'm a fan of that person because of what they've gone through and what they're willing to go through.

"People like Matt Mitrione are scumbags. He's a scumbag. I don't care if he's off suspension or doesn't fight again. He's a ridiculous person."


"He needs to shut his mouth," Jones said. "That's how I feel about that kid. He's scum."
Not a lot of need to expound on his thoughts.

With Jones discussing possibly moving up to heavyweight in two fights, this could be a soundbite the UFC wants to keep in their back pocket as Mitrione would seem to be a pretty nice "warm up" opponent for Jones in a move to heavyweight.