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Thread: Jon Jones: Fight with Anderson Silva will happen 'for sure'

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    Default Jon Jones: Fight with Anderson Silva will happen 'for sure'

    Jon Jones: Fight with Anderson Silva will happen 'for sure' - Mixed Martial Arts News

    UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones recently appeared on 99.3 The Fox’s Jeff O’Neil Show in Vancouver, Canada for a unique interview.

    How unique?

    Well, he was asked if he drinks pee.

    “You know I haven’t tried it, yet," quipped Jones.

    Then he got asked a question that is believed never to have been asked of a current UFC champion, or anyone in the UFC, or, pretty much, anyone - cut or uncut?

    “Well first let me start by describing it," said Jones. "I am circumcised and beautiful and chocolatey.”

    With the important questions out of the way, here is what Jones thinks about Sonnen's chances Saturday night.

    “I respect him a lot," said Jones. "He’s really tough. I think he’s trying to soften me up and make me unfocused. I know he’s training really hard and I think he’s trying to speak soft and have a big schtick. I’m prepared for the big schtick, I know that sounds a little weird.”

    Jones was asked to say something nice about Chael.

    “I think he has a hot mom," said Jones obligingly.

    And how does Jones plan to end it?

    “I definitely want to end this fight in a devastating fashion," said Jones. "My kickboxing coach has been working on some pretty nasty tricks that we believe will fall right into Chael’s tendencies, landing on his chin of course knocking him out. My jiu-jitsu coach is actually having me work on some things that are pretty extensive. I am pretty confident that this fight is going to be stopped and Mike Goldberg is going to be saying ‘It’s all over.’”

    “Definitely getting a knockout, it’s something I haven’t done in the UFC yet. Before I was in the UFC I knocked out six people, maybe it was four, six sounds better we’ll go with six.”

    The interview also covered the future looking past Sonnen, specifically a fight with UFC Middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

    “Is this interview live?" asked Jones. "Yeah definitely, there will be a time, there will come a time. One day, I said it first here. Normally I beat around the bush, but it’s going to happen for sure.”
    *Oh Jeff O'Neil, hey Sniggs. Those fuckers ask every guest if they are cut or uncut, some freak out, some roll with it...
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