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Thread: Manager Malki Kawa wants Carlos Condit to have rematch with Nick Diaz

  1. Default Manager Malki Kawa wants Carlos Condit to have rematch with Nick Diaz

    Manager Malki Kawa wants Carlos Condit to have rematch with Nick Diaz - MMA Fighting

    FC welterweight Carlos Condit isn't sure what's next for him. The top-ranked fighter said after his most recent loss to Johny Hendricks at UFC 158 in March he really wanted to work on his wrestling before facing another contender in the division.

    If Condit's manager, Malki Kawa, has any say of his fighter's future, Condit could be headed for a rematch with Nick Diaz.

    "He wants to work on his wrestling right now and get better at that," Malki said of his client Condit on Monday's The MMA Hour. "So that's what he's doing right now."
    While skill development is important, Kawa wants Condit to be positioned in the fights with the biggest stages and the biggest names. "I'm hoping to get him some big fights, is really what it is. I want to get him in some of the biggest fights that are out there," he said.

    Kawa didn't tip his hand about precisely want Condit wants after his intense focus on wrestling has come to a close. He also admitted the UFC has floated 'a couple of options. As what he the MMA manger desires, there's one fighter on his mind.

    "I can tell you one I'd like to see again is him and Nick Diaz one more time," Kawa said. "I just think that might be enough to get Nick to come out of retirement, who knows?"
    Condit faced Diaz at UFC 143 in February of 2012 and defeated the Cesar Gracie-black belt via unanimous decision, albeit with some controversy about scoring. The win earned Condit the interim welterweight title and his eventual title shot with Georges St-Pierre.

    Yet, Kawa isn't lobbying too hard for one fight or the other even if the Diaz option is his top choice. "There's always that Martin Kampmann fight where he lost that one time, so he can get that 'W' back. There's a couple fights out there that he still has.

    "170 is starting to get interesting again," he said.
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    I'd like to see it too but I would like to see it be a 5 rounder therefore main event but both guys are coming off 2 losses. Really don't need one or the other to be losing 3 in a row right now. Perhaps after they each have had a win? Either I'd like to see a re-match.
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    Daiz doesn't have to worry about a loss when he had a loss with a suspension and gets a title fight. heck lose again and get a nother title

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    I just want to see him fight again period, don't even care who.
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    Kampmann rematch?

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    Nick Diaz has stated that he is again retired unless he gets a GSP rematch or Anderson Silva, didn't you hear?

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    condit/diaz II

    condit/macdonald II

    condit/kampmann II

    these are all rematches i would love to see involving the natural born killer. all 3 fights make sense to a certain degree so i would not be surprised if one of those three is his next opponent.

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