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Thread: UFC Quick Quote: Michael Bisping is fighting 'some retard from Mississippi'

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    I think the reason the outrage over bisping's total lack of class here has to do with the fact that he, in fact, has no class whatsoever. Its like it being breaking news every time a diaz whines, or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Donosaur View Post
    Sooooo Mitrione is the devil for insulting a person that some (me included) view as a man fighting women, but this is ok? We live in a hell of a world. Don't criticize a person that did stuff that obviously would lead to criticism, but it's fine to use a slur about people with learning disabilities. That makes sense.
    Mitrione is being criticized for his exorbitant lack of couth not because of his belief that Fallon Fox is still a man genetically. Matt comes off as a bigot with that exchange whereas Bisping is using another word for being slow in an ongoing exchange of words with someone who is clearly not mentally challenged.

    The logic has already been explained. Mitrione is no martyr, he is a goof explained his opinion in a controversial, low-brow manner for shock value. Matt does not have a silver-tongue and should remember this incident next time he attempts to promote his brand.

    That said, I think that transgender people should only fight other transgenders. They can't fight other men due to the hormones, yet still retain the skeletal and muscular advantage if they surpassed puberty before hormone treatments giving them a considerable advantage. Skill would come into play at the end of the day once Fallon Fox fights better opponents than the two D class fighters she beat. Her latest fight on 4/20 was postponed because of the media scrutiny. Fox claimed in her video interview with Cyd Zeigler to be within the rules of organizations like the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for postoperative transsexuals and wishes to continue fighting in MMA. The debate on this issue has just begun but it needn't start with childish schoolyard behaviour, especially by someone who should remain a professional in front of the media while fighting in the upper echelons of a sport.

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    With all of the foul mouthing that takes place on these boards, it's interesting that people have such a problem with this word. I don't feel strongly either way really, if you want to use it fine, if not fine.
    A tiger never loses sleep over the opinion of sheep.

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