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The #1 & #2 P4P fighters in MMA are Anderson Silva and Jon Jones. I won't argue that one is superior to the other, but each outmatched their last opponent significantly. Our hindsight is 20/20: neither Bonnar nor Sonnen stood a chance against the champs, seemingly, aside from a freak toe injury. I watched most UFC cards since UFC 70, and I don't remember the last time that two champs fought such unfavored opponents, within a short time period. Their proximity may be coincidental, but I think that it results from a lack of excitement, within both the MW and LHW divisions, and an abundance of excitement for a superfight.

Each champ defeated the majority of contenders in their division, but not without adversity. Remember Chael's 23 dominant minutes and Vitor's near armbar finish. Still, even before each champ's last win, they were projected as heavy favorites against all other fighters in their divisions. Silva dominated the MW division for the last few years, and the "showcase" fight versus Bonnar was his third (he made both Irvin and Griffin look silly). Considering this past Saturday's betting odds, Jones's first superfight almost ended with an awkward injury.

The champs' showcase fights lined up directly with recent talk about superfights. Just a few years ago, the UFC hardly postulated "super fights," aside from a few title unification bouts. While Weidman is more dangerous than Bonnar, and Gustafsson is more dangerous than Sonnen, I don't anticipate that either P4P king will lose to divisional contenders within the next year. However, with the UFC's massive superfight hype, they may be waiting to see if Weidman, or Jones's toe, derails the organization's first real superfight, before inking the details. Executives won't overlook Weidman, but they probably checked out a venue for "Silva vs. Jones" on New Year's Eve or Super Bowl Sunday.