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Thread: Michael Bisping happy with performance; thinks Alan Belcher looked for a way out

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    How is it that Jones was disqualified for illegal strikes yet when someone pokes someone in the eye and it ends the fight not only are the not dqed, but they win.
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    Concidered accidental but I see your point and somewhat agree, but I might change my mind if it was a different

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    Didnt Belcher do the same thing to Bisping in the first round?
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    well now I've seen War Machine's dick. fantastic.
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    Someone needs to cheer for those poor souls.

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    Ah, the Bisping hate here is in top form as usual.

    Good win for Mike.
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    I wonder if they'll use the strike mike used to finish the fight in his highlight reel?

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    Eh, this is Bisping being Bisping....classless.

    But I will say this fight showed Bisping is a game fighter that knows how to fight smart. He broke down Belcher pre-fight and during the fight. He exposed Belcher as nothing more than a wannabe contender, shutting him down in the striking department, whereas Okami shut him down in the grappling department the fight before.

    And speaking of Okami, with him being the #3 ranked MW and Bisping being #4, these 2 should be paired up next. Silva/Weidman, Vitor/Rockhold, Phillipou/Jacare, Munoz/Boetch, all being paired up, that just leaves Bisping to fight Okami.

    I think with Bisping lacking any KO power, it will allow Okami to really pressure and bring the fight to Bisping. Okami's jab and solid combos to close the distance will allow him to clinch and test Bisping's grappling.

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    Remember that title eliminator won?

    Me neither.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GL Jeff View Post
    Didnt Belcher do the same thing to Bisping in the first round?
    Except it didn't stop the fight and Belcher didn't get the win for it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmawolverine View Post
    freakn Bisping had to open his mouth again, i was starting to like guy but how about a genuine apology without the backtrailing. first he says hes sorry then he sas belcher was looking for a way out. was he also the one who complained about the ankle wraps?
    Hell yeah. Everytime I wonder why I dislike Bisping I'm reminded everytime he speaks.

    After the Sonnen fight I gained a lot of respect for him considering how he handled, IMO, a bad decision. After reading The Counts remarks I've gone back to not liking him.
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