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Thread: Chael: I'm not retiring and I'm staying at 205

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    Default Chael: I'm not retiring and I'm staying at 205

    I just sat down to watch UFC Tonight and the initial focus was on Chael's fight last Saturday, including his future. Sonnen was very classy in his comments regarding his defeat.

    KenFlo posited that if Chael could've lasted thirty more seconds, he would've most likely been crowned the LHW champ. Chael gave a "diplomatic" answer by saying that no one wants to win that way, but in realty he would've lifted that belt up and told the crowd the Golden Rule, "he has the gold, rules."

    Sonnen also commented regarding his future as a fighter. He said that he still has plans and goals for fighting in the UFC. Chael added that he will remain at 205, but is open to catchweight, ala how Rich Franklin has competed in the recent past. Sonnen mentioned Franklin specifically only as example, but by no means was calling him out.

    Kenny of course asked Chael who was the better fighter, Silva or Jones. Sonnen said that came down to philosophical views, but said that if and when Silva and Jones fight, Jon would definitely come out the victor.

    Chael slid in that though he and Jon weighed in the same weight the night before, but Jones was way bigger and way stronger than he was on fight night, which is one of the few reasons as to why he thinks Jones will beat Anderson. Chael was very respectful of Anderson when giving his opinion of said potential fight.

    Lastly, KenFlo asked Chael who he wanted next and then put out a few names, e.g. Vitor and Wanderlei. Sonnen said that Vitor has his thing going with trying to get another crack at the MW title.

    Chael went on to say that a fight with Wanderlei never made sense because Silva wasn't even a contender and that he himself (Sonnen) was fighting for titles, but now that fight makes sense. Chael ended by saying that he wasn't going anywhere nor retiring until he and Wanderlei straightening this issue out once and for all.

    Chael brought up an old, semi-confrontation between he and Wanderlei in a van. Sonnen went on to say that it was a "real dirtbag move." Maybe there will be another built up fight which will happen in front of thousands of rabid Brazilian fans hungry to see Wanderlei attempt to knock Chael's block off. I'm sure Sonnen would grind him down though.

    Oh, I forgot to mention the best part...the show starts off with KenFlo briefly mentioning the topics. Ten seconds later he sends it over to Chael for a snippet before the show's intro music and graphics begin. The camera pans over to a clumsy Sonnen trying to buckle up his belt. He says something to the affect of, "wait Kenny, slow down. I'm not ready. I got this darned department store belt. I thought I was going to have a different one over the weekend, but it didn't work out."

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    Kevo's response regarding Jon Jones' toe injury:
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    At what point did the injury occur?
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    The part where his big toe does a backflip

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    So damn funny.
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    I do believe that Chael could very well still be the #2 MW in the world...

    I would have liked to see him fight Weidman and Vitor... and even GSP if he ever moved up. I think he would give all of them problems...

    But there are still a few good fights for him at LHW, even though his stock drastically drops at this weight. I see him getting beat handily by guys like Machida, Davis, Evans, Goose, Lil Nog, Glover.

    A fight with Wand would be good, but I see Chael getting the UD, in a not very eventful fight.

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    Chael is a funny mother fucker, I don't care if he retires, he needs to stay in front of a camera, I love him
    I hope this post doesn't creep out Sakara=Excitement.

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    Chael needs Weidman or Goose to win desperately. I really want to see him have a title at one point, even for one fight.
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