Jon Jones injury update: Doctor says 'Bones' back to UFC fighting in 6-8 weeks -

"Bones" can breathe a sigh of relief -- as can his fans -- now that doctors have estimated he can return to the cage in 6-8 weeks following his toe jam at UFC 159 last weekend in Newark, N.J., which came during his first-round beatdown of Chael Sonnen in the night's main event.
That's the estimation from Dr. Robert Klapper (via UFC Tonight), Chief Orthopedic Surgeon at Cedars-Sinai Hospital, who says "Bones" didn't break his toe, so repairing the dislocation will take approximately six weeks. Following that, the lanky-but-lethal light heavyweight champion can focus on rehab and strength training.

Klap on:

"The rehabilitation involves putting the toe back into place. Line it up again. Because there's no fracture of the bone - it's just a dislocation - in six weeks it's healed, then you start range of motion and strengthening rehab. He'll be back to fighting in six to eight weeks."