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Thread: Cheick Kongo cut, apparently

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    Quote Originally Posted by TN94z View Post
    I didn't see this one coming but Dana said there were going to be a lot more after they cut Fitch.
    ...and yet Leonard Garcia is still on the roster.

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    Just read on that Kongo has been indeed cut. His management sent out a tweet that he's no longer with the UFC. Stupid phone won't let me post the link.

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    Cheick Kongo fulfills contract, UFC not planning to re-sign him (Updated) | News

    After a seven-year run that included 18 fights in the organization, veteran heavyweight Cheick Kongo is a UFC fighter no more.

    A UFC official told (UFC blog for UFC news, UFC rumors, fighter interviews and event previews/recaps) Kongo recently fulfilled the last fight on his contract and is unlikely to be re-signed at the current time.

    The release comes a few days after Kongo (18-8-2 MMA, 11-6-1 UFC) suffered a knockout loss to Roy Nelson (19-7 MMA, 6-3 UFC) on UFC 159's pay-per-view main card, which took place April 27 in Newark, N.J.

    Kongo, 37, was one of the UFC's longest-employed and most experienced fighters. He made his promotional debut way back at UFC 61 in 2006, where the French kickboxer knocked out Gilbert Aldana as part of a 7-2 start to his UFC career.

    Kongo, in fact, was on a 4-1-1 run before the setback to Nelson, which came just two minutes into this past weekend's fight.

    However, that's been a theme of his time in the UFC. While he sports an overall 11-6-1 mark in the organization, Kongo struggled against the elite of the division, including notables such as Cain Velasquez, Frank Mir and Mark Hunt. The big-fight losses stalled any title hopes, though he proved a tough out for just about anyone, including Velasquez, who's earned stoppage wins against everyone but dos Santos and Kongo.

    Halpern gave no indication of what may be next for Kongo, who's currently ranked 14th for the most fights in UFC history.

    Kongo also is currently ranked No. 13 in the USA TODAY Sports/ MMA heavyweight rankings.
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    "Kongo was not cut. He refused a new deal like me. His old sponsor is full of crap,and started a dirty rumor.U should know the truth." - Rampage Jackson
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    Quote Originally Posted by MMA4EVERRR View Post
    Kinda weird that they would cut Kongo, when they never cut Pat Barry, who had worst stretches of being KO and sub'd. I hope they give him one more chance. There are still plenty of highlight reel matchups for him....
    I think the difference is Barry fight usually means highlight reel no matter what giving or receiving . When Kongo gets a stand up opponent he usually takes him down n bores us to death if he gets stuck standing he's nothing but short grabbing and nut shots. Anyone and everyone knew Roy was going to knock him the fuck out I was laughing about it at work telling all the casuals how fat boy was gunna own poster boy.

    I never understood the billing Frances most feared striker always grinded my gears.
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    i guess i seen this coming. i was never a huge kongo fan, but the dude always fought hard imo. i just hate seeing guys lose their job i suppose. he'd be a good pickup for wsof.

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    Well, the heavyweights of the UFC can rejoice at least. The odds of them getting hit in the balls during a fight just dropped dramatically.
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    Well when you get KO'd in the fashion he did vs Nelson I think he deserves to get cut. Guy is supposed to be a kickboxer and he gets KO'd very early by the same thing Nelson always looks for, an overhand right-after letting himself get backed right up against the cage. Didn't use his reach with any straight punches, no kicks-nope, just backed straight up against the cage without offering ANY resistance.

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