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Wow this is crazy. How did the UFC management allow this situation to develop? If Pettis wins it sounds like he's just going to vacate the title shortly after. If Aldo wins it's ok but a Pettis win is a net loss for the FW division.

A potential move to LHW for Cormier has been spoken of for a while now by Cormier, fans and the media. Pettis' shot came out of nowhere. Especially considering he's only doing it because he had to wait a few extra months for Henderson. Also the LHW division would appear to need a couple of fresh faces to challenge Jones (under the presumption he's going to keep winning) as that title situation could get pretty stale shortly. The FW division doesn't have that problem.
The lwh div has gusto machida glover Henderson all could fight for title now name 4 legitmate contenders at fw its no where near as deep as lhw that why urijah could move bacm up and get a shot with one win or cruz coukd get one imediatley