Pat Healy talks about his UFC 159 win, his next fight, and BJ Penn
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“I think I am a guy who comes on late,” said Healy. “Pretty excited about my performance, just the whole opportunity and the way the whole thing worked out.”

When the fight went into the second round Healy turned up the pace, and started to out-work Miller on the ground. The Strikeforce transplant made it clear that he feels no one can beat him in that style of fight.

“I don’t think anyone can out-grind me, I feel like I do that style as good as anybody in the world,” stated Healy. “I showed it against Miller.”

Being a fighter that came over when Strikeforce was shut down was a tough transition. As many fans considered the fighters in that organization being a lesser talent than those in the UFC. With his victory Strikeforce fighters are now 14-18 since the organization’s last event. Not a great record, but Healy proved he is legit.

“Feels great,” said Healy. “All of us over there in Strikeforce had a little bit of a chip on our shoulder[s].”

“Kind of felt like the media and the fans were treating us like second-rate athletes,” stated Healy.

With his victory it could possibly setup a battle between another Strikeforce transplant in Gilbert Melendez. A fight that was scheduled to take place in Strikeforce for the title, but an injury forced Melendez to withdraw. Healy would welcome the fight as he believes Melendez is still a top 5 Lightweight even with the loss to Henderson at UFC on Fox 6.

“I think it’s an interesting prospect of a fight,” said Healy. “I thought he beat Benson [Henderson] in the fight.”

“If they [UFC] want to set that fight up I certainly wouldn’t be against it,” continued Healy.

There is one fighter that Healy said he would not want to enter the octagon with, and that would be BJ Penn. In the past Healy went and trained with the former UFC champion and the experience changed the way Healy trained.

“I learned a lot from going out and training with BJ [Penn] the first time,” said Healy. “A lot of the things I learned from him I brought back home with me as far as focusing a lot more on my technique.”

“Really trying to get better in these times where I don’t have a fight right away,” stated Healy.

In regards to the rumored possibility of Penn’s return to the Lightweight division Healy made it clear that Penn is still one of the top Lightweights in the world.

“You know him dropping down he instantly would be a top guy, you know it would suck for me,” continued Healy. “BJ is the one person I would never fight.”

Many fans want to see the ‘Prodigy’ return and fight in the UFC, but only if he drops to 155 where he was a dominant champion. Healy believes that a return to the Lightweight division would be the best move for Penn.

“That’s where he would be most successful; he’s got a lot left in him,” said Healy. “A World Championship at 155 again I don’t think is a very outside realm of possibility.”