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I imagine that Brown will have the reach advantage. Thiago may have superior striking skills, but those skills will be neutralized if he's stuffed up against the fence. I think you're underselling Brown's abilities.
Were Koscheck & Hughes able to stuff Alves against the fence? They're far superior wrestlers to Brown. Alves may not have great wrestling technique but he is stocky & very strong. It's no easy feat to push him around.

Brown has a 3 inch height advantage & a 6 inch reach advantage. However, if he's attempting to stuff Alves up against the fence than that advantage is nullified. We've seen superior strikers makeup for those genetic disadvantages all the time (Nelson & Hunt immediately come to mind).

Brown hasn't beaten anyone in Pitbull's league. In addition to Hughes & Kos, Alves also has wins over Karo Parisyan (who was quite good at the time) & Chris Lytle (who defeated Brown quite easily).