Daniel Cormier planning to continue as heavyweight while slowly cutting to make 205 - Bloody Elbow

Daniel Cormier is in one of the most unique spots of any fighter in the world. He could easily challenge for the UFC heavyweight title were he willing, but he doesn't want to fight teammate, friend and current champion Cain Velasquez. As a smaller heavyweight, the obvious answer seems to be for Cormier to consider a drop to light heavyweight. He does have a rivalry already established with 205 pound champ Jon Jones.

Cormier missed out on the 2008 Olympic games where he was captain of the U.S. Olympic wrestling team because a bad weight cut caused kidney failure, so the prospect of cutting down a weight class isn't as appealing for him as for many other fighters.

It appears that the plan now is for Cormier to take a long view of getting down to light heavyweight. That means staying at heavyweight while dieting to lose the weight (via ESPN):

"Itís going to take some time for me to get to 205 pounds, if thatís the route that I go," Cormier told ESPN.com. "But in that time is it possible for me to still fight at heavyweight, while working my way down so that I can stay busy and still make money, instead of being out of the cage for an extended period of time?

"I canít be the champion at heavyweight hen Cain has the belt, and I donít want him to lose. I canít cut the weight from 235 pounds; I have to diet. So while Iím in the process of dieting I can fight still. Thatís really all it is.

"I think I can [make 205] or I wouldnít have started the dieting process. Iím smaller now than Iíve been [in a long time]."
The process is likely to take at least a year, but the focus on his health is certainly a good thing.

This does mean that Cormier will be slowly losing weight while still competing against the biggest men in the game. But his wrestling skills have given him a tremendous grasp on leverage that allow him to muscle around huge men like Frank Mir and Josh Barnett with relative ease.

Of course, Antonio Silva could settle the whole thing by beating Cain Velasquez to win the title in their rematch at UFC 160.