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Thread: *MMANews FORUMS Rankings - March 6, 2013* - Comeback special

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    Default *MMANews FORUMS Rankings - March 6, 2013* - Comeback special

    Apologies for the rankings falling off the map. It's back now. Enjoy.

    Top 15 for the first 7 divisions; Top 10 for flyweight and women's p4p

    Please note that the MMANews FORUMS rankings are separate from the MMANews website rankings.

    Committee members: Dr. MMA, Rivethead*, KevoOnTheRadio, TBEAR, SWIFTboy
    Alternate members: Mac ( Mac will fill in as an alternate member if one of the members of the committee is unavailable.)
    Appointed to combine and matrix rankings from the committee members: CatSmasher**

    *Rivethead was not available for rankings and we did not have an alternate in his place
    **CatSmasher is also responsible for breaking any ties.

    The following criteria were taken into account while generating the rankings:

    A) Rankings are not based on opinion of fighter's skillset and potential but are based on evidence, i.e. fighter's opposition, track record, how dominant the wins were (dependent on opposition), and how dominant the losses were (dependent on opposition).

    B) Recent victories hold more weight than historical, however, it doesn't negate it.

    C) A fighter is ranked in the division where they have had their two most recent consecutive fights. This could be two actual fights or one actual fight and a scheduled/planned fight. For example, Frankie Edgar is a FW since he had one actual FW fight and plans to continue in the division.

    D) If a fighter hasn't fought in 18 months or hasn't won a fight in 24 months, he will be removed from the top 10. If a fighter has not fought in 30 months or hasn't won a fight in 36 months, he will be removed from the top 15. For example, Carwin hasn't fought in 30 months, thus he is removed from the top 15.

    E) If Fighter A wins a recent head-to-head matchup against Fighter B, it does not necessarily mean Fighter A moves ahead of fighter B. Head-to-head matchups are primarily considered when rankings are tied, similar to other sports like hockey or soccer.
    e.g. If half of us thought that Overeem was #3 and the other half thought Werdum was #3, then we look to their most recent fight. Overeem won, so he moves up and Werdum moves down.

    F) With regards to the holy trinities (e.g. Machida beat Rashad who beat Rampage who beat Machida), we evaluate the individual's rank and their opposition's at the time of the fight. More recent victories are weighed heavier as are more dominating victories.

    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    The MMANews Forums rankings as of March 6 2013 are:

    1 Cain Velasquez
    2 Junior Dos Santos
    3 Fabricio Werdum
    4 Daniel Cormier
    5 Antonio Silva
    6 Alistair Overeem
    7 Josh Barnett
    8 Frank Mir
    9 Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
    10 Roy Nelson
    11 Travis Browne
    12 Mark Hunt
    13 Stefan Struve
    14 Cheick Kongo
    15 Brendan Schaub

    Light Heavyweight
    1 Jon Jones
    2 Lyoto Machida
    3 Dan Henderson
    4 Alexander Gustafsson
    5 Mauricio Rua
    6 Glover Teixeira
    7 Antonio Rogerio Nogueira
    8 Ryan Bader
    9 Rashad Evans
    10 Phil Davis
    11 Quinton Jackson
    12 Gegard Mousasi
    13 Forrest Griffin
    14 Rafael Cavalcante
    15 James Te Huna

    1 Anderson Silva
    2 Chael Sonnen
    3 Chris Weidman
    4 Vitor Belfort
    5 Yushin Okami
    6 Mark Munoz
    7 Luke Rockhold
    8 Michael Bisping
    9 Constantinos Philippou
    10 Tim Boetsch
    11 Ronald Souza
    12 Brian Stann
    13 Alan Belcher
    14 Hector Lombard
    15 Tim Kennedy

    1 Georges St. Pierre
    2 Johnny Hendricks
    3 Carlos Condit
    4 Nick Diaz
    5 Martin Kampmann
    6 Jake Ellenberger
    7 Demian Maia
    8 Jon Fitch
    9 Rory MacDonald
    10 Tarec Saffiedine
    11 Josh Koscheck
    12 Nate Marquardt
    13 Dong Hyun Kim
    14 Robbie Lawler
    15 Ben Askren

    1 Ben Henderson
    2 Gilbert Melendez
    3 Gray Maynard
    4 Nate Diaz
    5 Anthony Pettis
    6 Jim Miller
    7 Michael Chandler
    8 Eddie Alvarez
    9 Donald Cerrone
    10 Joe Lauzon
    11 Josh Thomson
    12 TJ Grant
    13 Khabib Nurmagomedov
    14 Shinya Aoki
    15 Pat Healy

    1 Jose Aldo
    2 Chad Mendes
    3 Frankie Edgar
    4 Ricardo Lamas
    5 Pat Curran
    6 Cub Swanson
    7 Chan Sung Jung
    8 Hatsu Hioki
    9 Clay Guida
    10 Denis Siver
    11 Dustin Poirier
    12 Marlon Sandro
    13 Nik Lentz
    14 Patricio Friere
    15 Eric Koch

    1 Dominick Cruz
    2 Renan Barao
    3 Michael MacDonald
    4 Urijah Faber
    5 Bibiano Fernandes
    6 Eddie Wineland
    7 Brian Bowles
    8 Brad Pickett
    9 Scott Jorgensen
    10 Raphael Assuncao
    11 Tyson Nam
    12 Eduardo Dantas
    13 Marcos Galvao
    14 Hacras Dias
    15 Iuri Alcantara

    1 Demetrious Johnson
    2 Joseph Benavidez
    3 Ian McCall
    4 John Dodson
    5 John Moraga
    6 Jussier da Silva
    7 John Lineker
    8 Yasuhiro Urushitani
    9 Chris Cariaso
    10 Johnny Bedford

    Women's p4p
    1 Ronda Rousey
    2 Cristiane Santos
    3 Jessica Aguilar
    4 Miesha Tate
    5 Megumi Fujii
    6 Sarah Kaufman
    7 Marloes Coenen
    8 Jessica Eye
    9 Zoila Gurgel
    10 Alexis Davis

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    I like it.
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    Can we go ahead and add "Hoss" to the men's P4P list? I just went 41-7, and then 40-12 in Hardcore Team Deathmatch!!! Running and Gunning. Only 3 kills via killstreak perks. I'm fucking awesome!!!! HOOOAH!

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    Nice. First time I can't really find any major flaws, IMO. Bravo everyone.

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    Sorry I stopped reading after I saw Frank Mir top 10
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    not bad at all
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sakara=Excitement View Post
    Sorry I stopped reading after I saw Frank Mir top 10
    Honestly I would consider #7-11 softly rank, to borrow a phrase from Rivet Head. And to be fair, Frank Mir's only losses in seven years have been JDS, Shane Carwin, and Brock Lesnar. I'm no Frank Mir fanboy, but I'd say he has a better resume in that time frame than some of the fighters ranked higher than him, with wins over Roy Nelson, Cro Cop, and Big Nog x2. Hell if he beats Cormier, one could make an argument for him being in the #5 spot.


    Quote Originally Posted by H0SS View Post
    You don't think he belongs in the top 10? Why not? In the last 6 years, he has only lost three fights. All three losses were title fights against HW champions. And when he wins, he usually wins by stoppage (Roy Nelson has been his only decision victory since 2006).

    I would actually consider it bullshit if he weren't included in the top 10 at HW right now.

    Yea, that too.
    Quote Originally Posted by SWIFTboy View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by GL Jeff View Post
    Is he bigger then WarMachine?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sakara=Excitement View Post
    Sorry I stopped reading after I saw Frank Mir top 10
    Mir ranked #5

    Mir ranked #8

    Mir ranked #5
    Official UFC rankings updated following UFC on Fuel TV 8 'Silva vs Stann' event -

    Mir ranked #7
    Fight Matrix | Current MMA Rankings &raquo Heavyweight+

    Mir ranked #7
    MMA Heavyweight Rankings | FIGHT! Magazine

    Mir ranked #7

    Mir ranked #7
    Heavyweight MMA Top 10 Rankings (over 205 pounds) |

    Mir ranked #5
    UFC Champions - UFC Fighters - UFC Rankings

    My question is, does any major site or forum have him not ranked in the top ten?
    And if you want beef, then bring the ruckus

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spoon View Post
    Nice. First time I can't really find any major flaws, IMO. Bravo everyone.
    I was going to say the same, but Chael Sonnen at #2 for MW? Isn't he a full time LHW now?

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