Rory MacDonald ready to make Jake Ellenberger his first Top 10 victim - Five Ounces of Pain | RM Sports

ďAs far as what he said about me not beating anyone in the Top 10, itís true. I havenít beaten the caliber of fighters who are Top 10 or the guys he has beaten,Ē admitted MacDonald to Alchemist Radio when asked about some recent trash-talk from Ellenberger. ďIím a young guy and trying to work my way up into that position. This is what Iíve been working for. Iíve been knocking guys out, submitting guys and dominating them.Ē

ďNow Iím here fighting guys in the Top 10, Iíve been climbing the ranks,Ē he continued. ďUnfortunately for him, heís going to be the first guy in the Top 10 that Iím going to have to take out. As far as what he said about my skills being average at best, I just think ignorance is bliss. Heís going to have a big eye opener on that night.Ē