Floyd Mayweather can’t seem to lose inside the ring and out, as according to Sports Illustrated’s annual list released Wednesday (via Yahoo! Sports). “Money” Mayweather is set to earn $90 million in 2013 off of his 2 fights a recent win over Robert Guerrero and another yet to be announced in the fall. Mayweather will make over $30 more than the athlete named 2nd, as LeBron James is set to make $56.5 million this year.

To put this into more perspective Jon Jones, the UFC’s hottest fighter has a net worth of $2 million dollars according to celebritynetworth.com.

Mayweather is set to make more in 2013 than many NFL players will make in their current contract, let alone their whole career. So if anyone is worth the nickname of “Money”, Mayweather deserves it.