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And the plot thickens…

Following the remarks by UFC fighter Bryan Caraway denouncing marijuana use, as he received the submission of the night bonus late, due to Pat Healy’s failed drug test for marijuana metabolites — Bellator fighter and former associate Michelle Ould has taken to Twitter to accuse Caraway of selling performance enhancing drug (PEDs) in the past.

“Dude use to sell my ex roommate PED’s – but he hates weed -go figure, said Ould.”
- @MichelleOuldMMA

Since the comments, Ould has continued to defend her comments on Twitter, assuring that it was in fact Caraway sellings PEDs.

@BryanCaraway @LXMMA12 no Hun-not confused. Who knows maybe every1 is Lyin on u-I’m not out 2 get u I just feel—well, glass houses-ya kno?
- @MichelleOuldMMA
the link also has a great argument between Ould and Carraway.