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Thread: UFC ON FX 8: Belfort/Rockhold Live Results and Discussion Thread

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    *in rick james voice* .... "trt's a hell of a drug"

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    I think it is possible that he isn't abusing his TRT. Given the fact that he used to juice, it would make sense that he was softer looking before the TRT in the picture where he fought at 195 lbs due to low testosterone levels.

    Also, part of his overly-muscular appearance could be explained by muscle memory (he did used to be bigger at HW and LHW). It would be easier for him to recover his gains. And now that he is on the treatment, he is able to shed some extra fat.

    All that said... I think he is abusing his treatment. Simply because he has a bad track record, and he's been very shady about his use of TRT.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sakara=Excitement View Post
    Actually it is. I hate Vitor, but for other reasons than his steroid past. Someone asked for pictures, I gave pictures. If someone wants to claim bad lighting and water weight, go for it.
    So your statement is entirely moot.

    I don't hate Vitor, and though I do think he's probably abusing TRT, I don't think the photo's can realistically be compared either.

    You've got 4 years apart, two different weight classes, and entirely different poses and lighting. The difference isn't even as convincing as AO's was, and even that was entirely circumstantial. He's also had changes in his life, in his focus, his trainers and methodology.

    Is it a probability that he's abusing TRT? Sure, I could see that.

    But the MMA community is all together too willing to jump to conclusions with 100% surety.

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    And all I am saying is Vitor looks like Trunks after he goes Super Saiyan.

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    Regardless of whatever anybody wants to say about Vitor Belfort and his past or how they feel about him, he looked absolutely stellar with his performance last night against Rockhold. He even changed up his game and threw some shit we never seen him have in his arsenal before.

    Oh and one last thing, Jacare Souza is a MONSTER.
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    Can't help but feel that Vitor would easily be MW champ ... if it wasn't for Anderson of course.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sakara=Excitement View Post
    I hate Vitor, but for other reasons than his steroid past.
    He must have done something very mean to you.
    There are plenty of fighters that I dislike a lot, but I can not think of anyone that I "hate". Not even Sonnen or Kimbo.

    Why you hate Belfort?
    Not only brazilians can do this stuff

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