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Thread: Disappointed Luke Rockhold targets quick return following UFC on FX 8 defeat

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmawolverine View Post
    Nah, Rockhold vs Belcher sounds better to me. Jacare needs to do us all a favor and put either Bisping or Okami to sleep.
    I feel that would be a step down for Souza honestly.. but that's just me

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    How about Rockhold vs Bisping?

    Quote Originally Posted by AnchorPunch View Post
    So if I don't sin, when I die, I go to Canada? Right?

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    Well as much as I enjoyed watching Vitor kick Rockhold's head off, I think Rockhold is kind of like the Carlos Condit of the division. He's a tough fight unless you can catch him early. I think Luke will give lots of MW fighters problems, and this loss might be a wake up call for him to start training with other styles of fighting outside of the boxing/muai Tai/wrestling/Ju Jitsu paradime that most fighters train in. Guys are starting to train TMA more and more in MMA because they are finding ways to make the techniques work. Seeing KO's like Vitor's makes me excited about the new generation. We are seeing "fighters" become "Artists" out there. Of course there is a long way to go, but we will see more TMA KO's in the future. I'm hoping there can finally be a bridge between MMA and TMA, both worlds seem to have a rift between them going back decades. But back on topic. Rockhold vs Cung Le intrigues me. Because Le never REALLY "lost" his belt in strikeforce....also Has anyone considered Rockhold as a LHW? He has the frame for it....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Adambomb View Post
    Rockhold is overrated. I called the Vitor KO & felt very confident about it. Rockhold is a well rounded fighter but had never been in there with striking on Belfort's level.

    I basically see Rockhold as Bisping with better grappling. I'm not convinced he'd even beat Bisping. Some were really impressed by the win over Jacare, but if Jacare can't get it to the ground he has nothing to offer. Luke's striking isn't nearly as good as a lot of people on this board make it out to be.
    Fully agreed. I've never been impressed with this guy and always felt the hype was totally unwarranted. I wasn't surprised in the least bit by the Vitor KO; I was watching the fight just waiting for the moment he would get his switch turned off. Still puzzled by Rockhold being a slight favorite. I almost felt guilty accepting my winnings.
    And I think Bisping would school him (by decision, of course) and give us a cheesy "Luke, I am your father" quote afterward.
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