Belfort Vs. Rockhold Shrouded In Controversy (Evidence Inside)

With a win over Rockhold, Belfort solidified his place as the number one contender and legitimately vanquished his opposition...or did he?

As many fans and pundits alike have been pointing out, before Belfort throws the kick, Rockhold appears to nod as if to tell him "Now!!!" He even circled into the kick a bit if you look at his legs. This begs the question...can such an event be true?

If you look at Vitor's undefeated streak in Brazil, one would think there is some weight to the claim. Add to the fact the UFC has been showing us they operate more like a business lately and going for marketing (See Unworthy Contenders).

That being said...what is to market? Fights! What is a big market? Brazil! Imagine if every Brazilian on the main card lost. (Nothing against Brazilians here, awesome people, culture, food, country...just making a point). Would the Brazilians still come to see the next fight knowing how the last one ended? Again, I am not personally big on conspiracy theories, but these facts raise questions.

Another irony was the questionable decision Rafael Dos Anjos took home when many didn't feel he had remotely earned it. It's stuff like this that builds these rumors.

That being said, I am being impartial on this one and ONLY presenting what I have heard. More importantly, what do YOU ALL think about this?

Belfort Vs. Rockhold Shrouded In Controversy (Evidence Inside)

Not sure if it's true (hence being in noob) but something to ponder I guess or maybe I just wanted to cause some shit.