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Thread: Belfort Vs. Rockhold Shrouded In Controversy (Evidence Inside)

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    Default Belfort Vs. Rockhold Shrouded In Controversy (Evidence Inside)

    Belfort Vs. Rockhold Shrouded In Controversy (Evidence Inside)

    With a win over Rockhold, Belfort solidified his place as the number one contender and legitimately vanquished his opposition...or did he?

    As many fans and pundits alike have been pointing out, before Belfort throws the kick, Rockhold appears to nod as if to tell him "Now!!!" He even circled into the kick a bit if you look at his legs. This begs the question...can such an event be true?

    If you look at Vitor's undefeated streak in Brazil, one would think there is some weight to the claim. Add to the fact the UFC has been showing us they operate more like a business lately and going for marketing (See Unworthy Contenders).

    That being said...what is to market? Fights! What is a big market? Brazil! Imagine if every Brazilian on the main card lost. (Nothing against Brazilians here, awesome people, culture, food, country...just making a point). Would the Brazilians still come to see the next fight knowing how the last one ended? Again, I am not personally big on conspiracy theories, but these facts raise questions.

    Another irony was the questionable decision Rafael Dos Anjos took home when many didn't feel he had remotely earned it. It's stuff like this that builds these rumors.

    That being said, I am being impartial on this one and ONLY presenting what I have heard. More importantly, what do YOU ALL think about this?

    Belfort Vs. Rockhold Shrouded In Controversy (Evidence Inside)

    Not sure if it's true (hence being in noob) but something to ponder I guess or maybe I just wanted to cause some shit.

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    So I've been reading the comments underneath the original post in the forum you linked us to. Holy shit, the posters in that forum are beyond idiotic. Bunch of conspiracy nuts, lol. They make guys like dBader and TheKidInside look almost as thoughtful and eloquent as Riv or Fedorlei. Ok, maybe I'm pushing it, but you get my point. :P

    Makes me appreciate this mma forum that much more.

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    IF Rockhold was taking a dive, don't you think he would have just pretended to be knocked out after the kick rather than endure more punishment? lol

    Sure, it looks kinda crazy but I can't imagine the UFC taking that kind of risk.

    Although, Damien Demento has been accusing UFC of being fake for years.
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    if that site isn't a LOT of people deliberately faking posts to troll, it's the saddest thing I've ever seen.

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    You clearly don't see the fake right hook that Rockhold reacted to then realized the mistake as he got kicked in the face. The nod was Rockhold's reaction to the right hook feint.

    0 fucking controversy what-so-ever.

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    From what I saw, he just got kicked in the head really fucking hard and fell down as a result.
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    I see your stupid, and raise you crazy

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    LOLOL........If SNIGGLES sees no conspiracy then not only is it impossible, it's absolutely RIDICULOUS.

    I highly doubt anyone would allow themselves to get hit the way Luke did on the ground as well.

    The only thing I saw all night that was even close to a conspiracy was that idiot pronouncing every "J" in a name or location....HORRIBLE commentary.
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    This is the stupidest thing I have read in a very long ass time. Just WOW. I followed the link and started reading some of the comments bellow the article and now Im even more speechless. What the hell is wrong with the people on that forum?!

    Not you Thamob, but who ever wrote this nonsense lol. =)
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    Simple Jack said it

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