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Thread: 'Bitter' Volkmann plans to 'expose' the UFC

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    The fact that he makes good points and nobody is arguing that, but still hating him, irritates me. I love mma, but the UFC has no interest in mma as a fair sport or even a sport at all. They are in the entertainment industry which is fine, but they are not a sports company. A company that cares about the sport, takes the best athletes in that sport and goes from there. Sure those sports use pageantry and hype to get people to watch, but they don't discriminate against their best athletes because they aren't exciting. Way too many people that claim to love MMA overlook this things.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sniggles View Post
    You used top 10 fighters in their division as an example. Null argument, only proved his point.
    Matt Brown started 2012 in dire need of a win. He was fighting for a roster spot. He was nowhere near top 15 of the WW division. His 5 fight winning streak has made him climb up the ranks significantly, but still he is outside of the top 10 of the division. He's a good fighter but not a world class fighter, nor he is someone that can sell PPVs or main event a televised card.

    Pat Healy is probably in the 11-15 range of the LW division but again, not a world class fighter as I think he can be beaten by guys above and below him.

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