Awesome card from top to bottom. There were a couple of let downs though:

1. Smith vs Whittaker (in my mind) was a fight to be the most easy-to-dislike fighter on the planet, and Smith definitely came off the winner. Whittaker looks promising, but looked huge against Smith, and I see him struggling against some of the bigger, stronger, grapple-centric 170'ers.

2. Holloway was absolutely robbed. Bermudez was outstruck throughout the fight (but was more accurate in the 3rd, and took control), and landed almost nothing at all in the 2nd round. Sure, he landed a takedown in rnd.2 but did nothing with it, and Max popped back up. I've re-watched the fight and I just can't see how the judges can give that to Bermudez?!?!

Awesome main card though, I'm sure KJ will come back looking better next time, there definitely seemed like an adrenaline dump coming in to the second, and I'm looking forward to seeing him come back and look stronger next time.

Amazing finish by JDS, shame to see Hunt get KO'd, but a great performance from both guys.

As for the main event... well, that went just as expected. Not a great fight, but a nice finish by Cain, and I'm PUMPED for JDS/Cain 3.