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Thread: UFC legend Forrest Griffin announces his retirement at UFC 160 post-fight press confe

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    Yes Forrest indeed had some very weird and pathetic behaviours.
    Obviously the most famous are his runnings from the octagon after he lost fights and then the interview to Tito.
    Also he had some weird interviews where he looked like some kind of emo.
    Not only brazilians can do this stuff

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    I like the idea of Forrest and Stefan going into the Hall of Fame together but only based on the positive influence of their war on Spike TV. As for their fighting resumes I find them both to be lacking in HOF credentials, especially Bonnar. MMA badly needs a HOF that uses credentialled writers/media to vote fighters. Right now the UFC Hall of Fame is just starting to look like it's going to be full of guys Dana likes.
    Hating on Anderson Silva before it was the cool thing to do.

    The idea of a "true number one contender" is the stupidiest MMA idea to be perpetuated by fans and media, EVER.

    HATES the new MMANEWS forum. Bring back the dark background.

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    Forrest v Bonnar III...winner actually gets in the HoF

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