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Thread: UFC 160 bonuses

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    UFC 160 bonuses: Junior dos Santos, Mark Hunt, T.J. Grant and Glover Teixeira each pocket $50,000 - MMA Fighting

    Dos Santos, 33, defeated Hunt, 39, by third-round knockout with a spinning wheel kick. The first two rounds were a tense affair, but the Brazilian former UFC heavyweight champion managed to land more consistently and with a wider variety of strikes. By most observers count, he was up 2-0 heading into the third round, but Hunt would not go away quietly even if he began to fade in the final frame. A left hook-right straight combination, though, was the beginning of the end for Hunt. After being tagged with the combination by Hunt, he was a sitting duck for a spinning wheel kick that cracked Hunt at the top of his head and sent him crashing to the canvas. A couple of follow-up shots by dos Santos finished Hunt off. The end came officially at 4:18 of the third round. Dos Santos moves to 16-2 in MMA while Hunt slides to 9-8.

    Teixeira, 33, claimed Submission of the Night honors with his dominant first-round victory over James Te Huna. Teixeira opened up with aggressive striking in the pocket opposite the Kiwi, but eventually took it to the floor. From there, the skill disparity was impossible to ignore. As Te Huna tried to scramble to his feet, Teixeira pulled guard with an arm-in guillotine, but managed to block one of Te Huna's arms in the process. From there, Teixeira moved to his hip, forcing Te Huna to tap at 2:38 of the very first round. Teixeira is now 21-2 in MMA while Te Huna is 16-6.

    Last, but certainly least, welterweight turned lightweight T.J. Grant, 29, bested top contender Gray Maynard, 34, with a sensational first-round TKO stoppage. The two traded shots early, but it was a timed two-punch combination ending with a right straight that sent Maynard scrambling. Grant pounced on the hurt opponent and was able to finish Maynard off with a series of strikes. The win earns grant a title shot against UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson and moves his record to 21-5. Maynard is now 11-2-1-1.

    According to figures released at the post-fight presser, 11,089 attended UFC 160. The event pulled a live gate of $2.429 million.
    UFC 160 bonuses: T.J. Grant makes some money because of Mike Tyson - Bloody Elbow

    The customary awarding of post-fight bonuses in the UFC took a turn for the strange after UFC 160. The co-main event bout between Junior dos Santos and Mark Hunt was an awesome striking battle that featured an insane spinning kick knockout from JDS. On any other night, that would have easily earned him a $50,000 dollar check.

    But a certain former heavyweight champion from boxing thought differently.

    At the behest of Mike Tyson, the UFC decided to award the knockout of the night bonus to lightweight T.J. Grant instead, who finished Gray Maynard in the first round of their contender's bout.
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    So Mike Tyson is why JDS didn't get KO of the Night? Eh, I'm ok with it. If he would have gotten KO of the Night, then FOTN would have went to someone else anyways. Interesting that they let Tyson choose though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by K1NG P3NN View Post
    So Mike Tyson is why JDS didn't get KO of the Night? Eh, I'm ok with it. If he would have gotten KO of the Night, then FOTN would have went to someone else anyways. Interesting that they let Tyson choose though.
    Umm what? Are you saying that he couldn't have gotten two bonuses? I like TJ and everything but JDS earned KO of the night hands down.

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    I am fine with it. You know jds is getting taken care of. He had a big old swoosh on his ass also.

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    It was a highlight reel KO by JDS and those generally deserve KO of the night, but the TJ Grant/Maynard fight was surprising, back and forth, and had a pretty good KO. Probably deserved fight of the night more but whatever.

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    Am I the only one that didn't think much at all of the JDS ko? I thought it had alot more to do with Hunt being absolutely done than the kick. He hit him with his calf for the most part. Good fight? Yeah it had it's moments. Good KO? Not so much. I like both guys, but I'm just calling it like I see it. Grant had a much better finish, and I like Maynard so that bums me out to say.
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    I look at the fact that Hunt is known to have a chin made out of granite. I would have given it to JDS based on that alone. Sure Tyson hasn't seen much of the old Pride though.

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    My video quit before the third round, but in general OTN bonus's I always thought were more for the lower tier fighters. The main & co main event fighters are usally already taken care of financially. Most of us already thought JDS was going to win who thought TJ Grant would KO Maynard? Just a opinion

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    JDS already makes a shit ton of money off endorsements & his fight salary. For this reason, Im perfectly happy with the lesser known fighters getting these bonuses; they are more likely to have money issues.
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    I'm glad that TJ Grant got the money due to financial reasons, giving him more exposure, etc. However, when I look at the fact of how JDS knocked out Hunt, who is known for having one of the toughest chins in MMA history, I'd have to say he deserved it more. He clearly doesn't need that extra money compared to TJ who made more money of the bonus than his salary.

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