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Thread: Hector Lombard, Patrick Cote pegged as coaches for TUF: Australia vs. Canada

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    Here is my prediction for the fight. Lombard fights stupid and stands with Cote and gets put to sleep late in the first. As heavy as Lombard's hands are I think Cote wins out if this becomes a brawl.
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    Patrick Cote and Kyle Noke Set to Coach TUF: The Nations: Canada vs. Australia | Bleacher Report

    New Ultimate Fighter show announced

    Soooooooo if this is true, they just removed the Looney Tunes-factor of Lombard, which was the only drawing point of the entire show for me.

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    Not surprising. I think trustkill made the good point of why Lombard's history makes him a terrible choice.

    Although, if you go that route, I want TUF: Lombard v. Story with Ken Shamrock as a coach's referee.

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    What I will be saying after this show is done....

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