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Thread: UFC 161's Roy Nelson says 'the Roy Nelson business doing very well'

  1. Default UFC 161's Roy Nelson says 'the Roy Nelson business doing very well'

    USA TODAY: UFC 161's Roy Nelson says 'the Roy Nelson business doing very well' | News

    Roy Nelson has a theory as to why UFC President Dana White doesn't like him.

    "I think he's star-struck," Nelson (19-7 MMA, 6-3 UFC), who has been criticized by White for everything from his ragged, everyman appearance to his negotiating tactics, told USA TODAY Sports and (UFC blog for UFC news, UFC rumors, fighter interviews and event previews/recaps).

    "Some people get flustered when a bigger star is in the room."
    It's unclear if Nelson, 36, a heavyweight who goes by the nickname "Big Country" and who proudly sports both a beer belly and a bedraggled beard, meant that remark literally or if he even meant it at all.

    Judging by his reluctance to give straight answers to direct questions, that seems to be the way Nelson likes it.

    But as Nelson heads into a bout with fellow heavyweight Stipe Miocic (9-1 MMA, 3-1 UFC) at UFC 161 in Winnipeg on Saturday (pay-per-view, 10 p.m. ET), his relationship with White and the UFC appears to be as big a threat to his career as any opponent.

    According to White and Nelson's manager, Mike Kogan, the fight against Miocic is the last on Nelson's contract.

    Although Nelson says he doesn't know whether that is the case — "I have people for that," he says — he doesn't deny White's assertion that he has declined the UFC's offer of an extension.

    "Everybody wants to extend Roy Nelson's contract," Nelson says. "It all depends on if it's a good contract. I know (UFC co-owner and CEO) Lorenzo (Fertitta) personally said he wants to pay me as much money as he can.

    "I'm all for that."
    A lot might hinge on Nelson's performance against Miocic. Although he is on a three-fight win streak that has moved him up to No. 7 in the USA TODAY Sports/ MMA heavyweight rankings, a loss in this fight could seriously weaken Nelson's negotiating position for a new UFC deal.

    A win, however, might put him in the driver's seat and bring him closer to his goal of fighting for the UFC heavyweight title.

    White has made no secret of the fact he doesn't enjoy dealing with headstrong Nelson.

    After he sarcastically dubbed Nelson the "smartest guy on Earth," Nelson began selling T-shirts with that slogan printed across the front.

    They're selling "like hotcakes," according to Nelson, which he interprets as one more sign he's a more valuable commodity than White cares to admit.

    "Lorenzo and Dana White are in the UFC business," Nelson says. "Roy Nelson is in the Roy Nelson business.

    "You would have to talk to them about UFC stuff, but I can tell you the Roy Nelson business is doing very well."
    Well enough that the UFC might put concerns about his stubbornness and marketability aside and move him closer to a heavyweight title shot after UFC 161?

    Nelson hopes so.

    A year from now, he said, "I see myself as champion. Hopefully it's in the UFC, but you'd have to talk to Lorenzo and Dana about that."
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    oh course the headstrong Dana doesn't like headstrong roy. it's only natural. he doesn't like his cockiness. good for roy. now beat miocic and get more money roy.
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    I think he deserves his payday.

    Many folks on here don't like him and say he gets all the way to the door then gets his ass kicked but he's entertaining and colorful which sells fights.

    I personally root for him everytime.
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    I hope he gets another 1st rd KO and signs a new contract. I'd hate to see him go back to the minor leagues.

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    Love Roy. I've always been a big fan. All the way back to his IFL days. I don't think short of a one punch miracle. That he will ever hold gold in the UFC. Still I shall root for him everytime he steps into that cage.
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    I'm not a fan of his antics or some of the things he says. But I do think he's a great part of the HW division; especially as he's been working on his technical striking. I'm sure he'll get a new contract and some additional cash.

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    Go Roy, just because of no other reason that he he entertaining to watch and has not had a boring fight. If he wins Saturday then give him a top 5 guy and if he can string that together then by golly give him his due title shot. We have seen people get title shots for less.

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    I love Roy. He is a badass and an interesting fighter.

    Since 2007, all 12 of his wins besides one have come by KO or TKO. Besides the Arlovski KO, he has only lost by decision.

    In his nine fight UFC career, he has lost three times by decision and knocked out the rest.

    Interesting record, IMO.

    The guy deserves more credit than he gets and is one of the toughest SOB's.

    He most definitely deserves a major upgrade in his contract because his fights are always exciting.
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    Would like to see him get that payday but I hope he isn't looking past Stipe in the process.. Stipe is one tough SOB.

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    Random new topic: I can't see how Stipe wins this fight. BUT, if he were to, how would he achieve it?

    The only thing I can think of is that he circles, clinches, and tires Roy out into a dry decision.

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