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Thread: TUF coaching gig a ‘huge accomplishment' in Patrick Cote's ‘insane' career turnaround

  1. Default TUF coaching gig a ‘huge accomplishment' in Patrick Cote's ‘insane' career turnaround

    UFC Quick Quote: TUF coaching gig a

    "I'm very excited. I was a contestant on The Ultimate Fighter 4 ‘The Comeback,' but to come back on this season as a coach is really an accomplishment for me because a year ago I was in the middle of nowhere in Brazil fighting my way back to go in the UFC and now I'm going to be the coach for Canada, it's just insane."
    -- Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight Patrick Cote talks to Canadian news outlet Sportsnet bout his recently announced coaching role against Kyle Noke on The Ultimate Fighter (TUF): Nations season that will pit a team of Canadian fighters against a team of Australian fighters. "The Predator" is somewhat stunned from the "insane" change his mixed martial arts (MMA) career has gone through in the past 12 months from eagerly trying to make a return to the UFC by competing in regional organization's to coaching a team of up-and-coming fighters on a reality show that will be seen by viewers around the world. Cote never saw the opportunity coming and as someone who was a contestant on season of TUF, will be able to share his experiences with his group of hungry prospects.
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    the most unwatched TUF ever? Possibly.
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    i have yet to watch any of the overseas TUF series and rarely watch the US ones... Cote vs Noke is def something not to look forward to

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    No one watches TUF just waiting for the coaches to fight. It is all about the contestants/fighters.

    When season 13 came out, coached by Brock Lesnar, the premiere was then ranked as lowest in TUF history.

    I am no fan of Cote (although he can be entertaining to watch fight, he will likely never see I title shot or even a contender for a title shot) From what I have read, he knows how to party (according to Matt Sera) and it might make for entertaining TV....but again, it all comes down to the fighters and the fighters.

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    WOW...Cote v Kyle Noke, that is one I will not watch at all.

    Kyle Noke has lost 2 of his last three
    while Cote has been on a tear with worldclass comp such as:

    Crafton Wallace
    Todd Brown
    Kalib Starnes
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    Desperate for new programming for the new channel?

    This Ultimate Fighter: Nations will most likely be a separate continuous series (like TUF: Brazil) rather than a sequel to the the long line of TUF seasons.

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    I still enjoy tuf but only watch it live (or dvr'd). Most of these non us ones are taped and shown at on one Saturday or online. Not sure why they can't put the shit on fuel each week at 3 am. I would dvr and watch it then.

    This actually would be a pretty good pre lim fight. I like cote and noke used to role with one of my all time favorite personalities/wild life people's aka the croc hunter.

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