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Thread: Exclusive: Chael Sonnen Details History, Beef with LeBron James

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    Default Exclusive: Chael Sonnen Details History, Beef with LeBron James

    Exclusive: Chael Sonnen Details History, Beef with LeBron James | Bleacher Report

    One week ago, UFC light heavyweight Chael Sonnen appeared on Jim Rome's sports-centric talk show on cable network showtime.

    During the show, Sonnen gave his candid opinions on Miami Heat superstar and multiple-time MVP LeBron James.

    "I think LeBron's a dork. He won one world championship, and that was in the Olympic Games. It's so aggravating to hear a title be called a 'world champion' when it's only done in America. It's not a global event where the whole world can participate. You didn't win a world title. You won a national title."
    To me, the shot at James seemingly came out of nowhere. I'd never heard Sonnen mention LeBron's name anywhere; why was he starting now? Was Chael being Chael, or was there something more to the story?

    I had to know, and so I connected with Sonnen on Tuesday evening, while James was helping guide the Heat to a 103-100 win over the San Antonio Spurs in a thrilling NBA Finals game 6. What follows is a transcript of our very candid interview.

    Jeremy Botter: What prompted you to call LeBron James a dork on the Jim Rome show? Is there any sort of history between the two of you?

    Chael Sonnen: His name being brought up prompted it. He makes Urkel look cool. I would have liked to call him a twat but they changed subjects.

    Let me tell you a story about LeBron. He asked the UFC for tickets for my fight against Anderson Silva. We sit the guy front row, and all through the night he snubs our fans. He’s a guest in our house and he refuses to sign any autographs or take any pictures unless your cup size was later in the alphabet than he was able to learn.

    And from what I understand he thinks the letter purple comes after C. This guy walked up to my fiancee backstage and asks her if there’s a tic tac in her blouse or if she was just happy to see him.

    I had a UFC employee tell me he saw a mother wheel her handicap child up to him to get a picture. Lebron was walking towards them. When he reached the kid, the mother stopped the wheelchair. Lebron took the wheelchair, wheeled it out of the way and kept walking.

    I'd like to slap the divots right off his face.

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    Lebron by triangle choke R2.
    Quote Originally Posted by SWIFTboy View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by GL Jeff View Post
    Is he bigger then WarMachine?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KevoOnTheRadio View Post
    Lebron by triangle choke R2.
    This is the most disappointed I've ever felt about not being able to rep someone. I hope someone gives you rep on my behalf.
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    LeBron does seem like a self absorbed jerk. He reminds me alot of Bones. Hey Dana, Chael P vs LBJ make it happen.
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    That's weird, operating off of a rumor that someone told In all honesty though, I have zero problem with LBJ not signing autographs at UFC. He does that at his job enough already. He helps out in the community, donates money, and every now and then I think he deserves the chance to just go out with his family and do something without the expectations of him signing autographs and kissing babies.
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