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Thread: Lightweights Jamie Varner and Gleison Tibau Added to Growing UFC 164 Fight Card

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    Default Lightweights Jamie Varner and Gleison Tibau Added to Growing UFC 164 Fight Card

    Lightweights Jamie Varner and Gleison Tibau Added to Growing UFC 164 Fight Card |

    A lightweight match-up between former WEC titleholder Jamie Varner and Gleison Tibau has been added to the UFC 164 fight card in Milwaukee.

    UFC officials announced the bout on Wednesday.
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    Cool, I like this fight. I think it's going to be a close one.

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    Excellent!!! Goooo Tibau, guillotine!
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    Varner is gonna walk right through that WW...I mean LW.
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    A committed Varner takes it IMO, he just pushes a brutal pace and should outwork Tibau.

    However, Tibau has a way of neutralizing guys, zapping them of their strength and speed and really drags them into a slower, clinch oriented fight and just weighs down on them. Sometimes, Varner throws careless interceptions and get trapped in submissions and if Tibau can slap something on, I think he could quite possibly get a sub, especially early on.

    Varner should get the win, but there are alot of ways Tibau can either catch a guillotine or possibly get an SD based on size.

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    I'll be rooting for Varner, but Tibau has the potential to make this a close one.

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