Welcome back to my breakdown. I have not done one of these in a while and I know this one will be fun. So lets see what you guys think.

This a tough one. I think both guys will be in shape and gas tanks on full. The question here is if Chris has ringrust or not. I expect both to be in great shape..

Advantage Draw

KO power
We have seen Anderson destroy former champs on the feet and put guys to sleep his entire career. He clubs people. Chris has soild striking but I do not think he wants to stand with Anderson. On the other hand, Chris GnP is hard and lightyears ahead of what Chael did.

Advantage Standing Anderson on ground Chris through GnP

Speed and movement
This really does not even need a explanationAnderson has the best movement period..
Advantage Anderson

Ground work
Chris is a great wrestler with hard GnP and BB level BJJ under Serra and Renzo.His grappling as a whole is very soild. I know Anderson has a BB in BJJ also, but I do not see a triangle working on Chris. Stranger thing have happened though. I think Chris is the best grappler that Anderson has fought in about 4 or 5 years.

Advantage Chris

Anderson is by far the best striker and one if not the best striker in MMA. Chis has good striking but not near Andersons.

Advantage Anderson

IMO, there is no advantage for anyone in strength. We will however, see how Anderson can deal with Chris length and transitions. We will also see how much ring rust plays into this.

Keys to victory
Anderson must keep this on the feet. His TDD needs to great and if he gets takendown he has to get back up. On the feet Anderson has a huge advantage
For Chris it is the other way. He needs to get a TD and maintain top control while dropping GnP

IMO I have Chris winning by TKO deep in the third. The TD and Power GNP punch will land and close the night down in a flurry of punches.

What do you guys think? If I missed anything in the breakdown or you think I am wrong (which I know some of you do) tell me. Lets try to keep this topic respectful.