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Thread: Anderson v Chris Wmy breakdon is back

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    Now he'll play Homer Simpson you don't know that and can't prove

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    Quote Originally Posted by TBEAR View Post
    not that I
    Well you did say Anderson had a big advantage striking lol

    Everyone who said Weidman would win would win by sub or GNP...nobody thought Anderson would pull that craziness and get KOd standing haha, no way to predict something like that. I figured Anderson wouldn't have much trouble with the grappling at all and that shit happens.

    I hope this isn't too big, because it's awesome.

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    To be honest that is what I actually meant. When I first read the breakdown I thought I was a week off in when the fight was. So I went to and noticed everyone was referring to the fight coming up a weekend before it was supposed to be fought. If you look at the date and times that I posted you will see this.

    I will admit that I would have picked Silva, but I was definitely giving Weidman a chance. Hell I took Weidman in a bet due to getting odds. My thoughts have always been that on paper Weidman had a legit shot but until I see someone take Silva out I find it hard to pick against him. I would never make such a statement unless there was a catch to it. This time the catch being the fight wasnt at the next weekend but the weekend after next. (at the time of the post)

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