I am sure you all have heard of this.

Some of you may think it's a scam.

Some of you may be intrigued but the cost is prohibitive.

I will let you know how this stuff is working for me presently and for the next 3 months.

I am about 1 week in since taking one a day in the morning. Just started the second week and have been ingesting one in the morning and one before bed along with my nightly ZMA/fish oil.

What I have noticed is not an extreme difference, nor is there a placebo effect. I have noticed I am more thoughtful and less reactionary. Lessened brain fog in the lull of the mid-morning before the first coffee kicks in.

Largest difference is my dreaming and how rested I feel. I am not waking up at night, despite being stressed because of work. The lucid dreaming is an amazing benefit. I have had a few dreams which made me ponder different perspectives of my actions and words.

I wouldn't say this is necessary to health, but I have found there is a significant difference. Was interested in the concept of nootropics and may end up trying New Mood as I have heard that 5-HTP helps with withdrawals of quitting cigarettes and the irritation that results.