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The only problem I see is that Jones is stiff and unbelievable when he's pretending to be a real person, I can't see him being any less stiff or more convincing in an actual role.

I predict Jones will go on to make "AI: The Sequel" with Will Smith. He will play the most believable robot ever. A robot who tries, who wants to be loved, but fails to express any humanity even after he accidentally elbows a kitty to death (12-to-6 no less).

Subsequently, Hollywood will mistake the whole thing for a futuristic retelling of "Of Mice and Men" and Jones will win an Oscar.

BonesKnows will be unable to visit the forum after this announcement as his keyboard will be glued into a single sheet of plastic and semen.

RD will be so upset that Jones wasn't taught humility that he'll go into a painkiller-induced waking coma where he witnesses Michael Bisping beat Silva, GSP, and Aldo in a single night - thus proving his theory that all three will lose their titles this year.

Sniggles will protest that it's all a distraction from the real robots, the ones the Republicans are sending into our schools to destroy learning.

I, ever the calm and thoughtful soul, will keep watch over the final seals of the apocalypse. (Ultimately letting down all of humanity when I go for a poop break because my stomach doesn't respect that whole "end of the world" thing.)