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Thread: Gracie: Anderson Silva 'not a humble guy'

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    Quote Originally Posted by rivethead View Post
    Either you can't tell the difference between what was going on in the Maia fight and capoeira, or you've convinced yourself that Anderson wasn't deliberately being an asshole with all evidence pointing to the contrary.

    Either way, it's laughable every time you try to rewrite history and pretend that was capoeira.

    Maia Fight:
    From my observation Silva's opponents typically talk a lot of shit before the fight meanwhile Silva remains absolutely silent. We have seen this happen time in and time out. Once the fight actually happens Silva does his talking in the ring. That is how Silva defends himself and when he does there is usually a public outcry.

    It's no secret that some of that was mockery with a blend of capoeria but lets not pretend that mockery was unprovoked. Have you ever seen Silva do what he did to Maia in any other fight? Did you ever stop to question what might have provoked that reaction from Silva leading up to the fight? Why didn't Silva mock Franklin, Vitor, Henderson or Okami??

    Some people like to react off of what they see without asking questions. That's not how I roll. If people think its laughable then the more power to them lol.

    Silva integrates Capoeira into his fighting style. Even Joe Rogan picked up on that during the Maia fight.

    Some people can't tell the difference between that and what it is perceived to be disrespectful dancing. In fact I bet some have no idea that he studies Capoeria and currently holds a yellow sash.

    Anyways the point I was driving home wasn't based off of one particular fight. I am actually referring to Silva's UFC career and the perception that when AS dances he is doing so to be disrespectful.

    My argument is if dancing is disrspectful then does that make Capoeria a martial art based on dancing a disrespectful art form? So we are back to the same question I asked Dan... which coincidently is the same question you avoided.

    If you really want to go there I will find the fight and show you where in the time stamp that he was using Capoeria.
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