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    Hey All-

    We had to switch servers, and as part of it we moved the main site onto Wordpress, and had to upgrade the forums vBulletin to a new version. This is a good thing (even though the site doesn't look great right now), everything works better and allows us to upgrade and tweak things easier moving forward.

    This new forum should fix a lot of the old forum's problems, but please post any glitches you notice to this thread so we can address them. Right now we're working on syncing the main site and forum logins, so you only have to login once and you can post and comment on both. We're also working on a new skin for the forums (the old one was incompatible with the new software, so we hope to get something up tonight that it at least in our colors).


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    ...That's better. Thanks for the update.

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    still cant post ok now i can only took 4 hours

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