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    Quote Originally Posted by mma #1 fan View Post
    i'd much rather put you on blast out in the open.
    thanks for the neg
    You never fail to make me laugh all be it at you more often then with you
    you silly little kid you with little to no Self-esteem
    talk abut a fish on a hook
    Love you too cutie pie!

    Why you mad this time? I think you're still mad that I negged you a month ago. Petty!

    There is a difference between whining about getting negged in 4-6 threads as dimebag did and my asking for a blue name when at the time the assumption was that it required 6000 rep. If you cannot discern the difference, God help you.

    Every human being contradicts their past behaviour because people evolve. Everyone has been a hypocrite when compared to their past self. Your pointing out something you deem hypocritical does not bother me. It did make me laugh that you thought it would.

    As for your judgement of who I am... I was not aware we had met. You think you have enough info on me from my posts to understand who I am? I don't think you are that keen a psychoanalyst. I mean, they require university and the ability to use punctuation.

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