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Thread: Uriah Hall will now face Josh Samman at UFC on FOX Sports 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by infidelkastro View Post
    Josh was just hoping someone else would take him out prior to the finale. Samman's whole strategy was to avoid Hall until he had no choice but to fight him.
    That was every sane fighter's strategy in the house.

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    It seemed like that's all you saw out of Jones' team - they all were trying to get the easiest path to the finale, Samman & Bubba being the 2 worst. Both of them wanted to avoid Uriah like the plague. Again, this may have been due to selective editing, but I don't remember seeing anyone on Sonnen's team saying they wouldn't fight Hester, Bubba, Samman, or any of the guys on Jones' team. That's how I remember it.

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