Coming up Saturday night, UFC Middleweight champion Anderson Silva will attempt to defend his title for the 12th time at UFC 162. However, over the last couple years one of the most talked about potential matches has been a super fight between him and Light Heavyweight champion Jones. UFC president Dana White said recently that they planned to make this fight in November in NY, but the plans fell through. He added that he still wants to make that or another super fight happen.

On Tuesday's episode of UFC Tonight, Silva said he'd be up to the challenge:

My opinion is this: I'll fight Jon Jones, all the guys from my class, all the guys that work in the UFC – all the fighters. I respect all the fighters. I respect Jon Jones. I respect Chris Weidman, but I'm here for working. I'm not scared of Jon Jones, of Chris Weidman or whoever. I'm here to fight. That's it. It's simple.
When asked about Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre, Anderson has a simple response - "Who?"

Both Jones and St. Pierre have fights of their own scheduled. Jones will face Alexander Gustafsson in September at UFC 165. GSP will finally be fighting Johny Hendricks at UFC 167 in November. So, timing could be an issue if Dana really wants to put either of these fights together.