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Thread: Gegard Mousasi calls Vitor Belfort a 'hypocrite' for brushing off fight request

  1. Default Gegard Mousasi calls Vitor Belfort a 'hypocrite' for brushing off fight request

    Gegard Mousasi may believe he's deserving of a fight with Vitor Belfort. In fact, Mousasi and his management claim they were offered that very fight in August, but couldn't accept it because of the ACL surgery the former Strikeforce champion had to undergo.

    But as Ariel Helwani reported on UFC Tonight on Tuesday evening, Mousasi will be ready to return in December and wants that chance to fight Belfort again. Yet, as Belfort explained in an interview with, he believes Mousasi and everyone else have to 'earn' the opportunity to fight him.

    "If you want to fight Vitor Belfort, you have to earn it," said Belfort. "It's just like if you want to play someone in the quarter or semi finals - you cannot just because you won something a long time ago. No, you have to earn your spot."
    According to Mousasi and his management, Belfort is a 'hypocrite' because they believe he was granted two title shots they contend he didn't earn. As Helwani also reported, Mousasi and his team can't understand why their request can't be met if Alexander Gustafsson is being granted a title shot after he was forced out of a bout due to injury.

    Last, but certainly not least, Mousasi claims Affliction offered him a fight in 2008 opposite Belfort at a catchweight, but Belfort declined it citing his lack of inclination to compete at a catchweight. Mousasi told Helwani he can't understand how Belfort can decline that bout and yet accept a catchweight bout in his return to the UFC.

    For his part, Belfort has taken to Twitter, asking UFC President Dana White for the winner between Saturday's Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman bout for the UFC middleweight title.
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    I definitely like Mousasi's chances if they fight. Even though Vitor has looked like a killer lately, Mousasi is much tougher to finish and he will definitely have the advantage over Vitor once the fight goes a couple rounds.

    I hope this isn't too big, because it's awesome.

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    I'd love for Mousasi to ragdoll Belfort around.
    I've noticed that when Vitor starts to do really good he starts acting like a Bitch a little more than usual.
    Looks like it's time for someone to bring him down from his High Horse.
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    Mousasi gets KTFO by Vitor.
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