Bellator's Matt Riddle wants to knockout Ben Askren; says the tournaments are meant for him
"The tournament format is made for a guy like me, the way I fight, I usually get injured more training for a fight. So if I fight every four weeks, I can only train so much...I won't over-train, so that's good for me, and I'm always in good shape. I think I'm gonna run through this tournament and go after Askren if he still has the belt by then. Anyone who can out-wrestle me, like Ben Askren... I think I can knock out. I know Askren has done a lot of training and I know a lot of people he's trained with and the one thing I've always heard, 'Oh, great wrestling, decent jits...has no chin', just unfortunately, no one has caught him in a fight yet.It's just a matter of time, this could be my time to run through the tournament and knock him out."