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Thread: UFC 162's Chris Leben laughs off underdog status with oddsmakers

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    Default UFC 162's Chris Leben laughs off underdog status with oddsmakers

    "You win two, you should be fighting for the title," Leben told Radio ( "You lose two, you're washed up. It's kind of how we are in this sport. It is what it is."

    Because hey, Leben's fighting for a living. It always could be worse, right?

    And his recent move from running his own gym in Hawaii to Alliance MMA in San Diego appears to already be paying training dividends, and he believes he'll be cashing those in at a bigger level on Saturday at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

    "My job beats sitting at a desk or hanging roofing, so I can't complain," he said. "I'm ready to go. I'm relocated in San Diego training with Alliance – and such an awesome change in pace for me with some great coaches out there and tough guys pushing me, inspiring me, motivating me.

    "With everything else that's gone on in my life with my sobriety and getting control of that, I have a new hot fire to get in there and compete."

    Those personal changes have been big for Leben, who says he has battled through his drug and alcohol use. Newly sober, Leben appears to be more motivated than ever.

    "I'm fired up. I'm real fired up," he said. "Camp was better than ever, weight's better than ever, training's been better than ever. Every time you go to a fight, you say you're in the best shape of your life. But this time, physically and mentally, I'm in the right spot. The work is done before the fight. Every fight is won or lost before you ever step in the cage."
    And if you want beef, then bring the ruckus

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    This mother fucker better win, my money is on him.
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    Is he bigger then WarMachine?

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    The Brunson fight was quite alarming to me and I hadn't heard anything bad about his last camp, so it feels as though he's just getting slower, with duller responses.

    I'll bite on Siver as an underdog before Leben.

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    I didn't bet the Brunson fight but I gave a tip out on twitter that I thought he had value around +135 or +140 or whatever it was.

    But I actually like Leben here. I think it takes more than 1 fight to get back in the swing of things when your coming off a long layoff and kind of changing things around. Plus I think stylistically it's a better match up for him than that fight. Craig might try to take him down, but I doubt he's quite as good as Brunson, and we can't even be too sure that's going to be much of a part of his Plan A. Craig hasn't shown the best footwork or head movement . He showed durability against Natal but getting hit by him and Leben are two different things (unless of course Leben shows up in the shape he was in for his last fight). It might not be a do or die for Leben but it's pretty damn close...I think Leben around +135 or +140 is not a bad play honestly. It can be foolish to bet anything on someone who looked so bad his last fight but I like the style match up man, and I really don't see Leben coming in the same shape as his last fight...luckily the weigh ins will give us some great insight.

    I also like Siver. Siver points handicap +3 1/2 -115 was nice, too bad it's -130 now. +200 ML is worth a shot for sure, though. Cub is a good fighter with some dangerous weapons but he makes mistakes...he definitely got rocked by Porier with a jab in the 3rd round of their fight...and Porier is a longer fighter but still, Dennis Siver's short and powerful left hook may very well be a big factor. Cub may be better versed on the ground but I don't see him getting the submission. Siver has a style that judges like. Alot of kicks, with hard punches mixed in...with some flashy spinning shit as well. I could see Cub getting a bit overanxious after eating some of those kicks. Siver knows to look for the right hand, but he's a tad short and Cub is explosive so even if he's been working his whole camp on avoiding it all it takes is one well timed big right hand and the fight can change quick. At +200 though, I think it's worth the risk for a little coin.
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    I hope this isn't too big, because it's awesome.

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