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All points you just made are easily applicable to Silva fighting Jones yet fight fans are nutting up to see this fight materialize regardless. The perception I get is that people expect Silva to fight bigger opponents but GSP gets a pass.
1. That argument only works when the same people are calling for Silva but excusing GSP. It doesn't work if you just feel like Silva's under more pressure than GSP.

2. There's actually some justification for expecting Silva to fight a larger guy but not GSP. a) Silva has already fought twice at LWH, GSP has never fought at MW. b) Silva, unlike GSP, says he wants to do super fights and cement his legacy.

Long story short: Silva made his bed, accept it.

As far as GSP goes, I'm happy to see him defend his title against #1 contenders for as long as he can. Hopefully that includes a Condit rematch in the future with Ellenberger somewhere in between.