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Thread: UFC 162: Silva vs Weidman: Live Results & Discussion

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    Incredible day for MMA. I'm shocked that Weidman pulled off the upset - I've always maintained that he deserved the shot but thought that Silva would crush him.

    I don't believe that there was anything suspect about the finish: Silva simply ate a shot that was harder than he'd anticipated which took his legs out and the shots on the ground did the rest. I also don't think his clowning was anything out of the ordinary. If he'd recovered and gone on to win the fight nobody would have read anything into it.

    Massive congratulations to Weidman for doing what had seemed to be impossible for so long.

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    Wow, just got in from a buddies wedding, missed the fights live but avoided all spoilers.

    All I can say is WOW, Anderson done fucked up!

    And shitty deal for Leben.

    Wow, Anderson done fucked up.
    And if you want beef, then bring the ruckus

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    Still can't help laughing. That was f'ing hilarious. Not as funny as the aluminim-foil-hat fanboy club pretending he threw the title to fight superfights and RJJ [...apparently at a HUGE discount, I guess, because clowns who get humiliated totes get to leverage the contract. totes...], but hilarious.

    what's the over/under on how long it takes Anderson to go back on his word [again!!!] and clamor for a rematch? Somewhere in the two weeks to a month range?

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    I was surprised Soares could even speak.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ninjastix View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1inthechamber View Post
    There's too many weird things about this for me. Silva was clearly frustrating chris with his taunting and disrespect, clearly getting in his head finally. At the bell he hugs weidman and kisses him on the cheek or something and helps weidman keep some confidence. Then he just kept asking weidman to drop him, Silva never really threw any fight ending blows at Chris imo.
    Anderson was trying to put on a show. He likes to entertain the fans IMO. Early on in the first round when Weidman took him down and did decent damage (more than chael ever did) I think he got worried that he wouldn't be able to stop the takedown for the rest of the fight. So he goes into his showboating mode, trying to get Chris to keep the fight standing, and encourage him when he threw punches (kiss and words after rd1 ending flurry).

    Weidman did an excellent job maintaining his cool and not being baited into Anderson's taunting in the second round. I think this caused Silva to take his showboating to even higher levels (the fake stinky leg, which led to the KO). So props to Weidman for beating AS. Like Silva said, Chris was the best man tonight and is the champion.

    Nothing was weird to me, Weidman felt like he was being disrespected during the fight and he shut the other guy up and is the NEW UFC MW champion!
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    So in the past year we've had Overeem got ktfo, Urijah Hall dance his way to a largely ineffective loss and Silva getting the hammer dropped on him. Can fighters stop this whole, I'm so good I don't even need to defend thing? Such a shitty way to lose, for the fighter and fan.

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    Personally, I couldnt have asked for a better situation to see Silva finished. It was great. Think the knucklehead fighters will figure out now that taunting and dancing isnt doing you any favours? Imagine how different the outcome would have been had Anderson focused all that energy into putting hands on weidman instead?

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