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Anderson was trying to put on a show. He likes to entertain the fans IMO. Early on in the first round when Weidman took him down and did decent damage (more than chael ever did) I think he got worried that he wouldn't be able to stop the takedown for the rest of the fight. So he goes into his showboating mode, trying to get Chris to keep the fight standing, and encourage him when he threw punches (kiss and words after rd1 ending flurry).

Weidman did an excellent job maintaining his cool and not being baited into Anderson's taunting in the second round. I think this caused Silva to take his showboating to even higher levels (the fake stinky leg, which led to the KO). So props to Weidman for beating AS. Like Silva said, Chris was the best man tonight and is the champion.

Nothing was weird to me, Weidman felt like he was being disrespected during the fight and he shut the other guy up and is the NEW UFC MW champion!

At first I was like damn he just fucked up but after his interview where he was so content with losing his title the way he did and not even want it back was funny to me. I'm not saying it was a big fix or nothing but I think he wanted to lose, he seemed like he was ready to make that announcement, it didn't look like it just came naturally at the moment.